At NOVITZKY DIGITAL we deal with the area of digital media and the possibilities of improving and developing marketing communications that they create.

Our services:


Our websites are a guarantee of your success! Our projects are easy to use and at the same time unique, functional and secure. We offer you a design of, realization and finally ownership of a responsive website. We offer state-of-the-art solutions.


Working with us is a guarantee of::

  • quality

  • proprietary CMS

  • express actions

  • SEO optimisation

  • responsive website

  • original solutions

  • security


If you want to have your own online store, based on the latest trends and technical capabilities, then contact us and take your e-business to the next level!


We provide:

  • Functionality

  • Marketing

  • Graphics

  • Delivery-based payment

  • Statistics and reporting

  • Customer service


We will help you to quickly reach even more recipients and increase traffic to the site through the appropriate configuration of sponsored links.

  • you will receive accurate reports and statistics on the activities

  • you will have full control of your budget

  • access to the campaign and the possibility to stop it at a convenient time

  • defining the strategy and matching it to the selected recipient

  • increasing the reach of the target group

  • the immediate effect of the actions taken


Our team will develop for you a full marketing strategy for search engine advertising.

  • video advertising

  • mobile advertising

  • Google Analytics

  • advertising in Google Shopping

  • advertising in search networks

  • advertising in advertising networks


We will provide you with a plan of a number of actions aimed at achieving better visibility in search results and thus the planned success.


With us you will get only satisfactory results!

  • increase in traffic

  • positioning

  • website marketing


Our company deals with comprehensive brand promotion in social media. If you want to reach a larger group of recipients - we invite you to cooperate with us.


Our services:

  • creating and maintaining a brand profile on: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and more

  • marketing strategy

  • running a YouTube channel

  • recommendation marketing

  • planning actions with influencers

  • contests and promotions

  • monitoring and analysis of the activities carried out


Our agency supports brands in planning, integrating and implementing campaigns on TV and in interactive media.


Campaigns we implement:

  • Real Time Bidding

  • PPC in search engines and Google

  • in affiliate networks

  • range - display

  • e-mail marketing

  • in social media

  • marketing performance

  • marketing automation

  • campaigns on Internet forums


Cooperation with influencers is currently becoming one of the most desirable marketing tools. Thanks to cooperation
with them, the brand reaches the right one and a positive attitude through content that is at the right level, thereby strengthening its authenticity and becoming worth attention.

  • access to influencer databases

  • credibility and relationship with recipients

  • building brand awareness in the group involved

  • interesting, original and unique content

  • Influencer can also become a brand ambassador offline

  • influencing consumer purchasing decisions

  • reaching out to younger generations of users

  • comprehensive service for companies

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