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NOVITZKY PR provides services related to shaping the company's image and gaining trust on the part of customers.

We monitor and improve the ways in which the company contacts the target customer.

We support our Clients in crisis situations, but most of all our actions are aimed at preventing them.

Our specialists have gained experience working for many Polish and foreign companies, thanks to which they have extensive knowledge of public relations activities.

If you care about creating a positive image of your company and you know that it is the next step to achieve success in business - CONTACT US!


We specialize in:


Content marketing is an action aimed at acquiring new customers and building long-term relationships with them through interesting, valuable content. It is a long-term activity, engaging a specific group of recipients and aiming to arouse interest in the brand or company in them.


The expected effect of content marketing can be viral actions and optimization of the client's website in terms of search engines. Viral activities often result from the desire to share valuable content mainly through social media and forums.


The most commonly used content marketing tools are: blogs, newsletters, internet guides and own, updated in terms of content, website.


A positive image of a company or brand can be influenced by establishing close cooperation and good relations with public opinion leaders, politicians, offices or institutions.


Maintaining these relationships is aimed at building a positive image, as well as favorable conditions for the development of business activity in a given market.


Public affairs activities are often a component of social or educational campaigns, as well as specific CSR activities for the client.


SEO PR allows you to effectively build a positive brand image on the Internet. This service combines e-PR communication and SEO activities.
SEO PR is an action supporting the natural positioning of websites and brands on the Internet on key phrases for the client.


The goal is to post press releases with the backlink as efficiently as possible on websites with the highest possible rating in the context of SEO.


  • key phrase analysis,

  • preparation of SEO PR strategies,

  • creating notes and press information,

  • cooperation with online media,

  • monitoring and reporting of results,

  • e-PR and SEO consulting


The way a company communicates with its environment during a crisis can have a significant impact on the company's image, reputation, as well as its business results. A crisis situation may result from internal or external conditions.


  • analysis of potential crisis situations,

  • creation of crisis management procedures,

  • training employees in dealing with crisis situations,

  • media monitoring

  • organization of a crisis staff,

  • running a press office with the function of spokesperson,

  • preparation of the post-crisis report


When offering CSR services, we take into account the expectations of the company's target group, the company's capabilities, as well as the opinions and preferences of the people working in it.

CSR can be a tool building a positive image of a company outside, as well as supporting internal communication.

As part of CSR activities, it is worth highlighting activities in the field of employer branding. A good image of products and services often goes hand in hand with the image of the company as a good employer.


We also offer building relationships within the company. In this case, the group of recipients can be employees, owners and contractors of the company. Good relations between employees, individual departments,

as well as management and cooperating companies play a key role for employee satisfaction with their work.


Feeling good and satisfied with work in a given place increases commitment and identification with the work.


By offering corporate PR services, we support companies whose purpose is: building the company's image, creating a competitive advantage, building trust among employees and contractors, increasing the company's credibility as well as properly displaying key people from the company in the media.


  • SWOT analysis

  • managing communication with the media,

  • preparing press information and case studies,

  • preparing press conferences,

  • preparation of business board cards and experts,

  • coordination of public speaking,

  • coordination of company events,

  • preparing annual reports,

  • developing content for websites,

  • communication during mergers, acquisitions and other events in the company's life


Product PR is one of the marketing communication tools that allows for proper management of the brand image and building its credible and stable market position.


  • SWOT analysis of the brand,

  • creating a new brand,

  • launching the brand,

  • creating communication strategies,

  • brand positioning,

  • building the brand image,

  • cooperation and maintaining positive relations with the media,

  • cooperation with ambassadors and opinion leaders,

  • support of advertising activities,

  • running a press office,

  • media monitoring and analysis,

  • consultancy in the field of marketing communications

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